Q&A with KC Rottok Chesaina on his new initiative, South African Professional Services Academy (SAPSA)

11 July 2016


Q&A With KC Rottok on his ALI Media Fellowship Community Project:

What is SAPSA all about?  

SAPSA is an initiative formed to promote professionalism in the country’s professional services industry as well as to provide a platform for interaction across disciplines. The Academy’s activities include profiling professionals and firms on its website and printed magazine, organising networking events including an awards ceremony and conducting information sessions on various topics of interest to professionals in the legal, finance, management, engineering and the built environment sectors.

What impelled you to introduce such an initiative?

I conceived the idea during the 2010 FIFA World Cup that was hosted here in South Africa. It was during this period that I found that numerous business professionals, particularly those in the engineering and building sector were engaging in unethical practices such as collusion in the process of tendering. I shelved the idea for a couple of years until recently, I was able to build the idea into a reality as part of my community project with the ALI Media fellowship Programme.

As SAPSA had any successes yet? 

Yes, SAPSA has collaborated with Dr. Janette Veijeren, a respected expert in the field of ethical practice together we have visited various professional services firms and delivered high level talks on the benefits of integrity in business. SAPSA has already held two successful ethical practice talks and has planned to deliver a minimum of ten talks in 2016.

How do you afford to run such the project? 

SAPSA obtained generous sponsorship for the costs related to conducting these talks in collaboration with Sanlam Insurance.

What aspects of the ALI Media Fellowship Programme, does SAPSA carry? 

SAPSA also seeks to improve financial reporting in relation to the activities of professional services firms. To this end, the website www.saprofessionals.com has been registered which captures real time information relating to professional services firms. in addition, interviews are being held with the leaders of these organisations to obtain their business perspectives. As at July 2016, over a dozen Interviews had been conducted and published on the website.

Find out more about KC’s community project here http://www.saprofessionals.com/about-sa-professionals/