New photos added to our gallery: ALI Class 2, Seminar 1, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2015

15 January 2016

Our gallery has been updated with new and exciting photos from our time in Stellenbosch, South Africa 2015.

A Brief Summary of Field Trips

ALI Dec 2015 Sedgeway outing00038The Segway Tour was an exciting method of exploring the Spier farm. The tour took Fellows on a beautiful glide through the farm to the first block of vineyards with some interesting facts about Spier’s farming techniques. This tour also provided magnificent views of the Stellenbosch Mountain Range and even Table Mountain.




The_reach_trust-812The Reach Trust was established in 2012 to inspire and improve lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions. This tour took Fellows through an interactive and informative discussion of The Reach Trust, which explored themes of transformation, digital education programmes as well as development.




535A8439The Spier Sustainability Tour saw Fellows being taken through a tour of the Farm and its various sustainability initiatives. Spier is renowned for its ethical farming practice as well as its projects around conservation and the arts; which serve to sustain the farm as well as the local community. The tour also included a trip through the Protea Garden and wastewater treatment plant, as well as riding further on the farm through the vineyards.