Meet the new editor of OFF-DUTY

9 February 2016

ALI-Latest-News-KemiALI Media Fellow, Kemi Ajumobi from Nigeria, was promoted to become editor of the now glossy supplement, OFF-DUTY, in the Friday edition of Nigeria’s Business Day, after attending the first Seminar of the ALI Media Fellowship Programme. Congratulations, Kemi, let’s hear what this new post is all about.

Who’s shoes are you stepping into as current editor of the revamped newspaper pullout OFF-DUTY?

Well, nobody’s – these shoes are brand new. This is the first time OFF-DUTY is going gloss and the content changed significantly. I’m the first editor of OFF-DUTY in its current format.

What does your new role entail and how do you feel about the added responsibilities?

I will be editing the whole supplement with pages that include stories in the following sections: Arts, People, Places & Things, Leading Woman, Personality Page, Young Executive Page and also THE GAME, a section consisting of a variety of sport stories. I’m up for the challenge!

What do you want to achieve in your new role – on a personal level and in terms of the publication?

I plan to take it to unimaginable heights by telling people’s stories as they truly are. I know it will increase my scope of coverage and I foresee that this new approach will take BusinessDay to another level. It will be the first daily newspaper to have a gloss pullout on a Friday and we plan to entertain our distinguished readers with highly informative and enlightening content.

Do you think your participation in the first Seminar of the ALI Media Fellowship Programme taught you anything of value to assist you in your new role?

I am grateful to have had the fortune to take part in the first ALI seminar. I learnt a great deal about leadership and being able to rise up to expectations. Subsequently it has served as motivation in my career and I’m glad that this new position will afford me the opportunity to put into practice what I was taught at ALI.