Call for Nominations

The ALI Media Fellowship will serve visionary leaders who are nurturing new solutions to promote the financial media landscape in Africa and who will use financial data and reporting to address pressing development challenges on the continent. The ALI Media Fellowship is designed to provide a sustainable platform for building capacity and providing long term impact in improving financial reporting and data. The ALI Media Fellowship is a highly competitive programme with 24 fellows chosen from hundreds of nominations across the continent.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible candidates are senior professionals in the media with a proven track record of quality journalisms or senior key stakeholders from government, business and civil society with a track record in the communications, financial and development sectors.

Nomination Criteria

Before submitting a nomination, please review the criteria listed below. Candidates for the ALI Media Fellowship must demonstrate proven leadership, as well as the ability to analyse and think critically and creatively. The ALI Media Fellowship is seeking individuals who are visionary, accomplished, passionate about their work, and capable of leading and inspiring real and positive change across the African continent.

Individuals recommended as candidates for the ALI Media Fellowship Programme should meet the following criteria:

  • ALI Media Fellows shall be residents of Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa
  • ALI Media Fellows must be distinguished senior level professionals in the media. Fellows can also be communications professionals or senior executives from business, government bodies or NGOs with relevance to the media (although the intention is for a clear majority of the Fellows to be actively engaged in the media industry)
  • ALI Media Fellows must have a proven track record of quality journalism accomplishments and strong values
  • ALI Media Fellows must demonstrate commitment to the continent and willingness to guide and mentor others and to serve the public good
  • ALI Media Fellows must be willing and able to carry out an ‘action learning project as part of the Fellowship that will demonstrate their commitment to accountability, transparency and governance
  • ALI Media Fellows must be willing to come to the table fully open and engaged – a willingness to be fully present, authentic and willing to listen to differing points of view with an open mind and heart
  • ALI Media Fellows must be passionate leaders with a great potential for collaboration and success

Submitting Nominations

ALI Media Fellows may be nominated by an employer, organisation or an individual who is familiar with their professional standing and personal integrity. ALI Media will send out calls for nominations at least three months prior to the start of the seminars.

Nomination Process

All nominations will be vetted by the Advisory and Selection Committee (ASC), a body of  high-ranking media experts from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.  The ASC is responsible for guiding the ALI Media team on the selection of ALI Media Fellows and the design of the seminars. Once the nominations have been received each nominee will be interviewed by the ASC.