Can I submit my own application for the Fellowship?

Candidates will only be considered who are nominated by someone familiar with their professional accomplishments and personal character.

What exactly is the criteria?

The ALI Media Fellowship takes a multi-disciplinary, values-based approach which means that seminars and the community projects are designed to promote constructive and forward-looking discourse on the role and changing nature of the media in Africa and its relationship to economic and development issues on the continent. Throughout the four seminars, ALI Media Fellows will assess the role of the state, private sector, civil society, the faith-based sector and more importantly their own role as influencers and opinion-makers in shaping Africa’s media landscape. As the ALI Media Fellowship weaves a story of challenges and promise for media leaders, it also enables individuals to take stock of their own roles as individuals, as African leaders and as trendsetters nationally, regionally, and globally.

How will the seminars be conducted?

The ALI Media Fellowship programme applies a reflective approach to learning. Fellows will be exposed to a variety of classic and contemporary readings that focus on: public policy, the role of media, the media landscape, governance, resource availability, sustainability, transparency, gender issues, as well as sustainability and social justice. National and international experts from leading media, finance, business, civil society and government institutions will also be invited to share their experiences and discuss new ideas, trends, innovative practices and cutting-edge financial reporting in Africa and across the globe.

What is the duration of the Fellowship?

This two-year programme is divided into four seminars each lasting four days and held in different locations in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Throughout the four seminars ALI Media Fellows will share their personal perspectives on leadership and financial journalism, and define how this relates to the development of Africa’s economies- and particularly for them as media leaders within different sectors.
Upon completion of the ALI Media Fellowship, participants become part of a community of Fellowship Alumni and will have the opportunity to engage formally and informally with their peers and other leaders.

How much do I need to pay?

The ALI Media Fellowship is fully funded and offered at no cost to fellows.

Do I need to attend all the seminars and design a community project in order to become a fellow?

In order to qualify as an ALI Media Fellow, all participants must make a commitment to attend all the sessions, read all assigned materials for the seminars and execute an approved community project. As change-makers on the continent, fellows are uniquely placed to shape Africa’s future, and this can only happen when together they can build a community of like-minded individuals who support, advice, guide and steer the broader society towards a better tomorrow by attending all the seminars.