KC Rottok Chesaina

Founder and Editor: The African Professional Magazine

KC RottokKC Rottok Chesaina obtained his Undergraduate degree from Oxford Brookes University with distinction, in 2003. At the age of 28, he was appointed as profit-sharing partner of RSM in Johannesburg, an audit firm affiliated to a network of 37000 staff members in 112 countries.

Chesaina pursued post-graduate studies in 2009, obtaining certificates in Radio, Financial and Creative Journalism from Wits University. In 2010, he launched The African Professional magazine; a quarterly business publication with an audited circulation of 5000 copies per issue. Apart from editing The African Professional, Chesaina frequently writes for Kenya’s Business Daily newspaper and South Africa’s Accountancy SA magazine.

In 2014, Chesaina delivered a TED talk in Johannesburg and became a television presenter on DSTV’s pan-African channel, ED. In the same year, he launched the South African Professional Services Awards that recognise the best professional and best professional services firm in South Africa. In 2015, The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants named Chesaina one of the top 35 Chartered Accountants under the age of 35 in South Africa.