Fellowship Programme Components

The ALI Media Fellowship is uniquely poised to bolster financial and business journalism on the continent, while underscoring the advancement of professional, ethical and values-based leadership within the financial media sphere in Africa. The programme was designed to inspire key change-makers to take a lead in determining the continent’s financial and economic narrative by addressing challenges pertaining to the role of media in shaping Africa’s future.

ALI Media Fellows will receive educational offerings, coaching, take part in peer learning and will also have opportunities to work on collaborative projects and network. The initiative incorporates learning opportunities covering financial journalism, business, economics, data analysis and public policy, with an emphasis on ethics and social impact.

Educational offerings

The ALI Media Fellowship offers a series of multi-disciplinary seminars led by distinguished guest moderators addressing critical issues relating to African development, business journalism and values-based leadership that will help participants play a greater role in the development and impact of financial journalism in Africa. Seminar offerings draw inspiration from the works of writers and thinkers from Africa and around the world, as well as case studies. ALI Media Fellows will have access to educational offerings such as management training programmes, university courses and professional development workshops.

Fellowship Seminar Themes

  • Media and Development: Africa’s 21st Century Challenges
  • Defining Africa’s Future: What is the Role of Media?
  • Leading in a Changing Africa
  • Africa, Media and Values-based Leadership: The Next Steps


ALI Media Fellowship will provide customized opportunities for ALI Media Fellows – who are leaders in their own right – to leverage their ability to shape values-based leadership and to promote quality financial journalism through executive coaching, informal networking opportunities, mentoring and visits to prestigious organisations. ALI Media Fellows will work with the ALI Media Fellowship team to identify such opportunities based on their needs and interests.

Peer Learning

The ALI Media Fellowship will provide fellows with an opportunity to spend time with peers examining issues confronting media in Africa today, including:

  • Leading change and innovation in the digital age
  • New business models for media
  • The value and importance of quality financial journalism in Africa
  • How to deliver business journalism effectively

ALI Media Fellows will also learn from, and provide peer support to each other outside of the seminars.

Community Development Projects

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

The ALI Media Fellowship believes media leaders have a responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to their communities.  ALI Media Fellows will each design and implement a project during the course of the Fellowship to benefit the community. ALI Media Fellows will also receive guidance on how to implement the community development projects.  Projects will all meet set criteria, such as inclusion, impact and innovation.

Networking and Collaboration

The ALI Media Fellowship endeavours to provide a unique forum for media leaders and key stakeholders in the financial sector to exchange ideas and help shape a media sector that will play a significant role in future African development. ALI Media Fellowship will organise continent-wide dialogues where ALI Media Fellows will be invited to take the lead in discussing contemporary issues affecting the quality of reporting on Africa’s business, economic and finance trends. ALI Media Fellows will also be encouraged to identify other opportunities to address salient issues affecting the growth of Africa’s economies.